Eminent Domain

The power of the government to “take” private property for a public purpose is known as the power of eminent domain or condemnation. The government and specifically designated private corporations’ rights of eminent domain are limited by the Virginia and United States Constitutions, both of which require due process of law and just compensation. The attorneys at the Street Law Firm, LLP maintain a specialized practice that covers all aspects of eminent domain and inverse condemnation counseling and litigation. We regularly handle complex eminent domain matters for property and business owners throughout Southwest Virginia. As a result of the depth of our eminent domain practice, we are able to provide thorough and responsive representation during the complicated condemnation process. We have the experience and expertise to protect your property interests and obtain the award you deserve if your property is taken. If a negotiated settlement cannot be reached in your favor, our eminent domain attorneys are prepared to skillfully litigate your case in a condemnation proceeding. Please call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.